New England GFOA 2023 Spring Training Seminar

April 27 and 28

Conference Center Waltham, MA

New England GFOA 2022 Spring Training Seminar

March 31 and April 1, 2022

Conference Center Waltham, MA

Attendee List

2022 Presentations

Coastal Resiliency – Branford
Cyber Security Baseline
Nature Conservancy Rhody Resiliency
Overview to ARPA and IIJA
Economic Update – PFMAM
Flood Mitigation
Gottlob NESGFOA Presentation
NESGFOA Federal Reporting
Project and Expenditure Report User Guide
SLFRF Compliance and Reporting Guidance
Completed Project and Expense Report
Sample SEFA
Sample SF-SAC

2021 Spring Seminar
April 8 & 9, 2021

Spring Seminar Presentations Available Here:

Recent Strategy & Commentary
The Economic Outlook: Navigating Uncertainty
GFOA Emily Brock
GASB Statement 87
Cyber Safety TIP Sheets


Business Email Compromise
Building a Cyber Awareness Program
Detecting Malware
Mobile Devices
Fraud Questions