New England GFOA 2022 Spring Training Seminar

March 31 and April 1, 2022

Conference Center Waltham, MA

Attendee List

2022 Presentations

Coastal Resiliency – Branford
Cyber Security Baseline
Nature Conservancy Rhody Resiliency
Overview to ARPA and IIJA
Economic Update – PFMAM
Flood Mitigation
Gottlob NESGFOA Presentation
NESGFOA Federal Reporting
Project and Expenditure Report User Guide
SLFRF Compliance and Reporting Guidance
Completed Project and Expense Report
Sample SEFA
Sample SF-SAC

2021 Spring Seminar
April 8 & 9, 2021

Spring Seminar Presentations Available Here:

Recent Strategy & Commentary
The Economic Outlook: Navigating Uncertainty
GFOA Emily Brock
GASB Statement 87
Cyber Safety TIP Sheets


Business Email Compromise
Building a Cyber Awareness Program
Detecting Malware
Mobile Devices
Fraud Questions